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What to do/see from Bloom

tours and places of interest in Quintana Roo/ Riviera Maya
ALL below trips are easily done in one day from Playa del Carmen
It´s great to return from a daytrip and find yourself in the middle of a lively small town with so many options to drink and eat only few steps away from the hotel.

discover one of the nearby islands :


right in front of Playa del Carmen take the ferry at the start ofthe Quinta Avenue.
45min ride to the island
on arrival you can rent a motorbike or car to self discover the small island,
see the difference with south and north beaches and enjoy nature
see the natural park, worth a visit (closed on Sundays)
or have a snorkel tour and see the wonderfull sealife
either at 10 or at 2pm a boat trip will bring you to interesting snorkel points
also great diving opportunities at the el cielo reef


slightly bigger than Cozumel , this island is located in front of Cancun (50km from Playa)
enjoy the beaches, city center and do a small tour of the island
many tours would include a catamaran trip to IM with free time to visit and eat on the island


a tiny natural reserve with a large population of birds, a spot of paradise, only about 100 people are allowed per day so book this trip ahead. Only to visit with accredited tours by a catamaran which will also do a short visit of Isla Mujeres on the way back to Cancun.


a bit further away from Cancun, its about a 2hrs drive from Playa del Carmen.

Short 20min ferry from mainland. or opt for a ride in a small boat that will take you to a natural habitat of the flamingos. The island is known for not having any cars, they drive around in golf carts and quads.

discover the Mayan history and ancient ruins


One of the World Wonders this amazing Mayan city is greatly preserved. You will learn about the Mayas and the Aztecs, see huge pyramids and much more.

This trip is usually combined with a visit at a cenote halfway in Valladolid.

Its a long trip since it involves a +3hrs busdrive only to get there. But very much worth it.
You can organize it yourself hiring a car for the day, or book a tour. Tours usually leave around 6.30/7am and you´re back around 8pm


Just at the entrance of Tulum (1hr drive), a large site at the seashore reveals a Maya town.
Very nice and totally different from Chichen Itzah.


about 1 1/2 hrs from Playa this is a small copy of Chcichen Itzah and 100% Maya , completely tucked away in the jungle.

Beaches and Nature


a 10min walk brings you to the beach. we have several beach clubs of which the most famous is Mamitas featuring daily DJs to swing up the tunes. Popular by locals, beaches get crowded on sundays and weekdays after work. Most beachclubs will have a minimum spending in food and drinks to use their loungers/umbrella. Ask before seating as this changes according to season and days…

walk on the shore line past the ferry point , and discover natural more deserted beaches in front of Playacar. make sure to bring food/drinks as nothing is sold over there.


26km from Playa towards Tulum a beautiful stretch of beach with beachclubs


37km from Playa towards Tulum this beach bay is known to house many turtles. its a natural habitat , so no guarantees but you should see them swimming in the bay.

in Akumal there is also a Monkey Sanctuary housing a wide variety of monkeys, worth a visit!

TULUM beach

about a 1hr20 drive from Playa, these beaches are gorgeous. Go either to the locals beach or drive in the hotelzone and use one of the dayclubs or hotelpasses to enjoy a beachday. They will ask a minimum consumption in food/drinks to use their loungers/umbrellas.

parking is difficult at the hotelzone, unless you can use the hotels/beachclubs parking.


a natural bio sphere stretches from Tulum back North. Beautifull mangroves and lakes nestled with cenotes and natural habitat to hundreds of animals.

Should be visited with a guide to enjoy the scenery.


can’t list them all but this one is really nice, just passed Tulum it’s a great cenote


from Playa you pass Tulum and get there in about 1h15min

it’s a big crystal-clear lake nestled in the jungle mangrove of Sian Kahn, in the middle of the lake there is an underwater Cenote.

theme parks

there are a lot of theme parks around, very well managed and run, they usually offer all inclusive entry with food and drinks.


one of the X parks and probably the nicest one. great natural park with cenotes and underwater rivers to swim in, sealife at show, miniature towns, a gorgeous beach.

This parc has the best food option, so take the entry with food, choice of about 7 different styled buffet restaurants.

at the end of the day, a show is included in your ticket, its in a huge theater and shows a trip through the Mexican states with dance singing folklore art games etc. An amazing spectacle. must see!


park with 7 towers of cablerides and a parcours for quads, nice and aventurous.


family park to discover your senses through a whole array of games and settings


waterpark where drinks are included


a copy of the famous mexico city rivers with colorfull boats where you dine and party



Cirque du Soleil has a permanent show in Playa, with or without dinner and or drinks.
this show is about 45mins, so its preferable to have the full experience with dinner as its a showdinner kind of thing. Recomended


Cabaret type of show in the Palladium hotel (30km) on wednesday friday and saturday.
show with dinner and aftershow clubbing with an all inclusive formula.


in Playa on 10th ave , a great show with drinks included. guaranteed great night out.